Somatics is an approach to movement which emphasises internal physical perception.  Yoga is an Eastern Somatic practice which explores the body as perceived from within.

On the yoga mat when doing a range of physical actions it is essential to stay present, to watch, feel and  listen to the flux of physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. We then begin to know ourselves more  deeply and to cultivate a healthy state of being.

I teach an alignment based practice guided by the breath and embodied awareness. The Yoga that you experience and learn in class is powerful, energetic and transformative.

I started teaching yoga in 2001 and love seeing people of all ages and walks of life transform. For me Yoga is being aware of what is happening, right now.

Sarra’s skill as a teacher is in encouraging us to stretch our capabilities while ensuring we achieve correct alignment and remain safe.  Her classes are fun, informative and ultimately within the true spirit of yoga.  I finish feeling balanced and whole.
Ruth Snaddon January 2013